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Couple Gets Fined $1,500 For Parking In Their Own Driveway

Photo: Eric Audras/Getty Images

Photo: Onoky

Finding parking anywhere in the city can be a mission. And for one San Francisco couple, they learned that the hard way but in their own house.

According to ABC News, Judy and Ed Craine have parked their car in the driveway in front of their home for the last three decades.

However, they recently got a noticed that caught them off guard. They received a $1,542 fine for parking on their own property. Along with that came a $250-per-day fee if they didn't get the car off their driveway.

"I wrote them back saying I thought this was a mistake," Judy Craine told the news outlet. Ed Craine added, "To all of a sudden to be told you can't use something that we could use for years, it's startling. Inexplicable."

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