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French Montana Isn't Rooting For Kanye West's Views Either

Photo Credit: French Montana - "Figure it Out" Feat. Kanye West, Nas video

Kanye West has been stirring up a whole lot of controversy between his support for Donald Trump, his love for the way Candace Owens thinks or more recently, his comments on slavery and so forth.

French Montana recently chimed in on Kanye's behavior. Even though he says Kanye's his brother, he has a difficult time getting down with his support for Trump.

The rapper recently caught up by TMZ and had a few words to say about Mr. West. French made it clear that he's not feeling Kanye's support for Donald Trump.

"I'm not feelin' what he doin' with the holdin' Trump down." He said. He continued to speak on what the Trump administration is doing and said that he can't support someone taking education away from students. However, with Kanye, that's still big bro regardless of his political stance.

"I love Kanye, man. I guess he got an album coming out. That's my big brother, you know? That's family. I could never go against him but I just don't respect somebody like [Trump] who deport so many people and hurt so many families." He said.

Peep the full clip above.