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Yikes! California’s Quality Of Life Is The Worst In The Country.

California dreaming? 

Flying in the face of traditional wisdom that we live on the best coast comes a stinging new U.S. News & World Report study that says we have the worst quality of life in the nation.

The coveted Best States ranking is part of an annual study that scores all 50 states on eight categories — health care, education, economy, opportunity, infrastructure, crime and corrections, fiscal stability and the most important of all for most of us, quality of life.

Sadly, Californians are in the pits by this life-quality metric, with the Golden State taking last place at No. 50. North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Hampshire and South Dakota all kicked our butt in that category, according to this study.

So what constitutes quality of life if it’s not about access to majestic redwoods, sparkling purple sand beaches and an endless coastline? Don’t sunny skies count for anything anymore? Apparently sucking down acai and doing yoga no longer cuts it.