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T.I. On Gun Control: "I Think That Our System's Broken"

 T.I. was recently asked to chime in on gun control following the school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. 

The Atlanta rapper said he doesn't want to see guns outright banned and taken away, but that he believes change needs to happen to stop tragedies like the incident in Parkland and the Las Vegas shooting last year.

"It's a tough one," he tells TMZ. "I think you should probably make it more difficult for people who aren't mentally stable to have guns, and maybe there should be some... I just honestly feel like if you lose the right to bear arms as a citizen, then you know what I'm saying, it's easy to enslave. It's easy for the government to enslave people when they don't have the right to bear arms."

He adds, "I think mental stabilization needs to be a big part... Just not being a felon isn't enough. We see that, that isn't working. People think that the felons that's causing all the problems, but you know, it seems as though people who have been given gun license, who bought guns legally... Those are the ones causing all the mass hysteria, so I think that our system's broken."

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