Missouri Law Would Require Most Adults To Own An AR-15

AR-15 rifles are on display during the Nation's Gun Show

A new bill was introduced in the Missouri House of Representatives that would require every resident between the ages of 18 and 35 to own an AR-15 rifle. Rep. Andrew McDaniel introduced House Bill 1108, called the McDaniel Militia Act which will give residents one year to buy an AR-style rifle if they do not currently own one. Anybody who becomes a resident of the state in the future will have one year to buy a rifle if they do not own one.

The bill states that residents must maintain possession of at least one AR-style rifle while they live in the state. The bill makes exceptions for people who are barred from legally owning a firearm. The bill does not list any punishments for people who refuse to own a rifle, and tasks the department of revenue with enacting the provisions of the law.

McDaniel also introduced a bill that required all residents over the age of 21 to own a handgun. Neither bill is currently scheduled for a hearing or vote in the legislative chamber.

Photo: Getty Images

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