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Hey everyone, I'm Jay Ry, the executive producer of the Big Boy's Neighborhood show, and I manage most of the universe of Big Boy content. First of all, thank you so much for listening and supporting our show in whatever way you do. You may have heard me on the show as the man with the answer when the crew screws up or needs to get back on track. You also may know me from many of our Louie G challenge videos laughing and helping direct the fun.

I have a few names on the show - Jay Ry, the Super Producer, Mister YTay or just Jason and I've been with Big Boy and the Neighborhood for many seasons. I started with Big Boy locally in Los Angeles and helped design and grow the show into the nationally syndicated empire it is today. Big and I evolved into producing partners and in 2015, I made the move with Big to iHeartMedia where we produce content across many new platforms so the world can find the show in new and inventive ways.

I'm a native of Southern California and constantly love living the local life here in and around Los Angeles. The music, concerts, and festivals here are amazing to start. This is also a perfect paradise playground from the beaches and surfing to the mountains and skiing, or just enjoying the sun by hiking and running with my chocolate lab Kona. 

When I'm not in the studio keeping the show running, I am a dedicated father raising my two young daughters. My daughters are my world and outside of homework, school projects, and coaching their sports, you can always see us around town at events, museums and restaurants.

I truly believe life is what we make it and I've always got a positive outlook to bring the world. Let's laugh and love and have some adventures