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Big Boy's Neighborhood

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Check Out Saudi Arabia Futuristic City Being Built That Is 100 Miles Long

Check out the details in this insane city that is 100 miles long and all three different levels were one can live in. Imagine being able to travel anywhere in 20 minutes with a non-stop train, or having drones drop off groceries, this is the future and Saudi Arabia isn't messing around. Are you not entertained? This is WILD.

"Flanked by 500m high mirrored walls, officials say the megastructure will offer up to 9 million residents a temperate climate and short commutes, all powered by 100% renewable energy.

Named ‘the Line,’ Saudi officials say the project is ‘the city of the future’: a car-free metropolis that will run on 100% renewable energy and offer its residents clean air in an ever more polluted world.

It’s designed to host businesses as well as housing inside numerous vertically-stacked neighbourhoods, with residents facing a maximum commute of 20 minutes from one end of the city to the other."

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