Did You See Post Malone's New Face Tats?!

So this is photo above is from when Post didn't have ANY face tattoos! Since then he's gotten SO many tattoos!!! Like A LOT!! His whole neck is tatted! Here's another photo of of him a few months ago!

But Post took it one step further and got TWO big face tattoos!! 

Yup, apparently Ty Dolla $ign was pretty proud of Post and his "Always Tired" tattoos! UGHHH I'm not going to lie, I DO NOT LIKE THEM!!! Below you can see video of Post getting the tattoos! Just swipe to the right!

I was fine with a few of them, but it's like RIGHT THERE!! What do you think of his face tattoos?? Hit me up on Twitter and let me know - @Natalia11

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