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Can Will Smith Live Up To This Legend?

Disney REALLY wants Will Smith! So about a month ago it came out that Will was in talks to star in a live action film version of the movie Dumbo! And no he was NOT going to play "Dumbo" - because of his ears...he was going to play a Father in the film! But that deal fell through. Now Disney is trying to lock down Will to play "The Genie" in a live action version of "Aladdin." 

Now lets be honest no one can ever compare to Robin Williams as the Genie but I think this could actually work. Will can make it a different kind of Genie! The movie is also going to be directed by Guy Ritchie, if you remember he directed the "Sherlock Holmes" movies! So don't expect a bright silly "Aladdin" - check out Guy's style below!! 

It will still be awhile till this movie comes out but I'm for sure excited! In the meantime I'm going to sing some Aladdin songs!! 

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