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UPDATE: Cardi B Says NYPD Cop Put Her In A Chokehold, Here's New Details

posted by Isha Thorpe -

Tuesday (Sept. 19) evening, Cardi B claimed that a cop from the New York Police Department put her in a chokehold. 

The recording artist made this accusation on social media, Twitter to be exact. "I can't believe this cop put me on a choke hole just now s*** is crazy these NY cops don't know how to do they job F*** 12," the Bronx rapper said.

After reading this tweet, one of Cardi's fans asked her if the police officer was white. That's when the "Bodak Yellow" recording artist responded, "YUEP HE WAS." Both tweets have since been deleted But, as soon as they were posted, the tweets got immediate attention. The first one alone received over 2,000 likes before the rapper removed it.

Read the now-deleted tweets below. 

According to TMZ, the incident went down near Columbus Circle at about 6:00pm ET. Apparently, someone hit Cardi's Bentley SUV. She wasn't driving, but Cardi was in the vehicle with a cousin. When they were struck by the other person, both Cardi and her relative got out and started arguing with them. Soon after, police became involved. 

The news outlet reports: "We're told the officer, who Cardi says was white, grabbed her with his arms around her neck and pinned her against the Bentley. Once everyone involved calmed down, we're told the cop let Cardi go ... and left the accident scene without taking a report or issuing any citations." Moments later, Cardi posted the tweets about the altercation. 

The Mirror reached out to the NYPD about this alleged incident. Authorities responded, "The NYPD was made aware of a Tweet made by rapper Cardi B, which was since deleted, and indicated an alleged interaction between the NYPD and her. The NYPD has no record or any other information to support the validity of this claim."

TMZ adds that Cardi wasn't injured in the incident. But, she is planning on taking legal action. 

Photo: Getty Images



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