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Natalia Perez

Natalia Perez

Hey there, first let me say “thank you” for listening to our show and apparently wanting to know a little bit more about me. Yes, Natalia Perez is my...Full Bio


Dancer Alleges That Jennifer Lopez Didn't Hire Dancers That Were Virgos.

Oh wow! I've heard some of crazy celebrity stories but this one is CRAZYYYYYYY!

So if you are familiar with "Glee" then you know Heather Morris. She was an actress on the show but she started off as an dancer. She also has danced for a LOT of artist, she even danced for Beyoncé!

Well in a recent interview Heather revealed that one time she was at an audition for Jennifer Lopez, she said after a very long day JLo came in and whispered something to her assistant and then they asked for everyone who was a Virgo raise their hand. After that they asked those dancers to LEAVE!!!