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So I heard you guys want to hear a little bit about myself? Well here you go! I was raised in So Cal my whole life, I grew up very Mexican. My whole family is from Guadalajara, Mexico and I’m a mommy’s boy. Everyone makes fun of me because I still live at home with the parents. I got a mom and grandma who spoil me and don’t let me lift a finger, not my fault. For the record I have never done a load of laundry in my life, I wouldn’t know how to use a washer or dryer. Haters will hate but I’m living the life because I love being at home around family. I’m big on family, my family is everything to me. I have one younger sister who has 2 bachelor degrees and I have some college experience. Yes, I said some college and by that I mean a lot of credits. 

Ladies, I’m a single Latino with no kids, how about that!? I get made fun of because of my height. I’m short, standing at 5’ 4” tall. I have a Saint Bernard named “Rambo” that I’ve had as a pup. Love my dog! I love sports, with my favorite teams being the LA Chargers, Anaheim Ducks, Angels. As a kid I loved movies and tv, I watch and binge everything and anything. If you are looking for me on the weekends, I’m probably going to be at a bar or club. I love being out and about, having drinks with friends and meeting new people. I’ve been working with Big Boy for a few years now and it has been the best job anybody can ever ask for. I love food! I love yelping restaurants around me and checking them out when I have free time. I love seafood and pizza, but I enjoy trying new foods. One of the most memorable moments of my career was when Justin Bieber gave me my first tattoo. He came in one day and we happened to have a tattoo artist in the studio and for $800 I let Justin Bieber put a JB with a crown on my back. I’m proud to say I am the only one in the world that has a tattoo by Justin Bieber. Another moment was when my Vine of me freaking out over a teddy bear in a box went viral. Over 95 million loops and a lot of tv shows featured it on their shows nation wide. Follow me on Instagram @RealLouieG and Twitter @Louiegeezy