Man Finds $135K Next To ATM & Calls Police Instead Of Walking Away With It

Jose Nuñez Romaniz was on a mission to buy socks for his grandfather. He'd just helped him find the right ones online, after the elder man had no luck finding them in stores.

The 19-year-old Nuñez just needed to deposit money into his bank account to make the online purchase. Nuñez drove to an ATM outside a Wells Fargo bank branch just two minutes from his Albuquerque home to make his deposit.

As he pulled his truck alongside the machine, he spotted a clear plastic bag on the ground. It was a "foot-long stack" of $50 and $20 bills, he said.

"I didn't know what to do. I was, like, dreaming," Nuñez told CNN. "I was just in shock. I was looking at myself and just thinking, 'What should I do?'"

Nuñez said he never considered keeping the cash -- but all sorts of wild thoughts raced through his mind. Was this some kind of trick? Was someone going to pull up behind him and kidnap him?

Nuñez called Albuquerque police. Two officers arrived, and the teenager handed over the money.

The officers counted the cash back at their station: It totaled $135,000.

"This money could have made an incredible amount of difference in his life if he went down the other path, but he chose ... the integrity path and did the right thing," Drobik, a spokesman for the Albuquerque police, said.

"My parents always taught me to work for my own. Stolen money would never last you any time," Nuñez recalled his mother and father teaching him.