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DJ Hed

DJ Hed is a deejay mixer on REAL 92.3 KRRL FM Los Angeles RadioFull Bio


Quincey White Speaks Truth On “Graveyard Or The Pen” (Video)

Quincey White heads to the streets for his music video for “Graveyard Or The Pen” to spit bars on what that life is all about, and what kind of outcome can come from it. 

Surrounded by his homies, he gets six feet under deep with his words, asking if “ya headed to the graveyard or the pen.”

By watching the last minute of the visual, it gets even more real. He approaches his tombstone that says “White”, symbolizing how his lifestyle can lead him to death.

But, rewinding to the beginning, he selects to listen to “Graveyard Or The Pen,” puts on his headphones, and soaks in the music. No matter what happens in the future, he knows he has his music as an outlet to reflect.

Watch “Graveyard Or The Pen” above.