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DJ Hed is a deejay mixer on REAL 92.3 KRRL FM Los Angeles RadioFull Bio


P-Lo Is Rollin’ With The “Samesquad” (Video)

Off the bat, P-Lo has always had his unique rap style, and it shows in his produced beats as well. 

“Samesquad” by the rapper falls under his usual flavor, but the music video is high-key fresh.

It’s considered one of his shorter tracks, but the visual is packed with activity. He plays around plenty with color, moving from black & white while zoomed in for the execution of his rapping to rollin’ with his squad in a convertible under the cloudy high-intensity blue sky.

There are comedic moments too, with the swagger of the close up of his grill, to the exaggerated scene of running away from a female to be with his “same squad.

Press play and check out the video above.