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50 Cent Says Trey Songz Domestic Assault Allegations Are A "Money Play"

On Monday, March 19, Trey Songz was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge after a woman accused the R&B sensation of punching her at a Los Angeles party. 

The R&B singer who turned himself over to police, was released a few hours later after posting a $50,000 bail. Trey has openly denied the claims by the woman identified as Andrea Buera.

Taking to Twitter following his arrest, the singer tweeted, “For weeks my lawyers & Mgmt have asked me not to comment on this, and I initially agreed, but this morning I feel that my fam, the women that raised me, my friends & fans especially the youth need to hear from me. I am being lied on and falsely accused for someone’s personal gain.”

Before his arrest, Buera addressed the media during a press conference alongside her lawyer Lisa Bloom, claiming that the alleged assault inflicted by Trey Songz left her with a concussion.

However, 50 Cent charmed in and thinks Buera’s claims are only for the money. On Sunday, 50 posted leaked photos of Buera with a caption that read: “This stripper joint Andrea got Lisa bloom talking bout Trey hit her, everybody know he ain't hit her this a money play smh any thing to get the Bag #thesehoescrazy.”

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