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Murs Says His Love Of Gang Culture & Star Wars “Destroyed” His Career

On Saturday (February 17), The Music District in Fort Collins, Colorado hosted a conversation with Los Angeles emcee, Murs

During the discussion, the "Lookin' Fly" vocalist talked about a slew of topics, from losing his infant child to his experiences with Los Angeles gang culture, and much more. 

When asked how gang culture and his preference for “nerdy things” helped shaped who he was, Murs admitted it “destroyed” his career.

“I think it destroyed my career in terms of sales,” he said with a laugh. “No one could relate to that. I didn’t own an album by a white person. Only album I owned by a white person was Vanilla Ice up to 2003. I never heard The Beatles, Sublime, Rolling Stones. I discovered all that via Slug of Atmosphere and making white friends, which I didn’t have. I didn’t know there were any other kind of white people outside of surfers. All the white people in L.A. were affluent, skaters, surfers or Jewish. That’s it. I didn’t meet Jewish people until high school.”

To check out the full conversation with Murs, click here.