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OG Spanky Tells Tekashi 6ix9ine He Has To Check In When He Gets To LA

Another day, another problem for Tekashi 69. The Brooklyn rapper has been enjoying his success since the release of Gummo but not everyone is happy with him..

The rapper recently was g-checked’ by OG Blood Gang member, OG Red Rum, for not following "Blood Gang" protocol. Now Tekashi is facing possibly even bigger problems with OG Spanky Loco.

The Los Angeles man took to the internet to warn Tekashi 69 that he has no pass in Los Angeles. 

Spanky texted Tekashi a screenshot of an article speaking on his misconduct case with a minor saying, “Damn what’s good pimp. Say it ain’t so. That’s a no go out here in L.A. my boy.” Tekashi would allegedly respond, “I’ll be there next week.” He would in turn get a chilling response of, “Do what you do g. If you confirming that you know already that REAL LA homies don’t roll like that.”

Check out his video above.