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DJ Hed

DJ Hed

DJ Hed is a deejay mixer on REAL 92.3 KRRL FM Los Angeles RadioFull Bio


Watch RJ vs 03 Greedo's Documentary Trailer

On February 1st, RJ and 03 Greedo made history. They sold out The NOVO in Downtown Los Angeles.

Everyone said this couldn’t happen, you can’t bring bloods and crips together to give the people a concert, little did the people know it was bigger than rap bigger than themselves. 

This was for the culture, this was for the people who said they couldn’t unite to entertain, this was for music world wide and what better way to explain all this other than showing you.

Enjoy this 1 minute trailer of something legendary.Stay tuned documentary coming soon. 

Shot by: @direktorgayle of @eldirektor Productions.