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Did Rihanna Just Leave Us A Hint About Being Engaged?

Rihanna & A$AP Rocky

Photo: Getty Images

Rihanna and A$AP have been one of our favorite celebrity couples! They support each other, they take care of the other and they always look good on a red carpet together! So we HOPE this is true!

Rihanna recently uploaded a video on her TikTok, in the video you see her cute feet walking in heels and she's rocking a HUGE ring on her left foot!

Fans were quick to point out that it looks like an ENGAGEMENT RING!!!

Ok but you might be asking, why put it on your toe?! Ok MAYBE and just maybe, her fingers are a bit swollen because she's far into her pregnancy and maybe the ring doesn't fit right now! I remember when I was pregnant I had to take my ring off at one point because it just got a little too tight!

Now if they're NOT engaged, that's a beautiful toe ring girl!