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Roddy Ricch Fronts The Grocery Bill For Families In LA


Photo: Getty Images North America

Recently, Roddy Ricch gave back to many families in LA by paying for their grocery expenses.

Roddy dropped his new project called Feed Tha Streets 3 and celebrated the release by giving back.

Earlier, Roddy said about his new project, "Over the last few years — transparently speaking — you go through things and life changes. Sometimes people don’t have a soft heart for that. As a man, you gotta know where you’re at and understand where you’re going and continue to be great regardless of circumstances. So that’s where the music is. We’re working on the next album while this one is coming out."

He added about paying for families' groceries, "Feed the Streets is surrounded by my mother. She always gave food away to less-fortunate people when I was growing up. We’d give pizzas to people, or she’d cook spaghetti, stuff you could put in a big pot. That’s something that stuck with me."