Check Out Post Malone In New Movie Starring Jason Statham 'Wrath Of Man'

Another Jason Statham badass action movie is coming in May! 'Wrath of Man' is so great, a revenge movie where is goes bananas killing people. This might remind you of Taken or John Wick but you have to give it to Statham he can hold his own and has his own damn lane. I'm just glad we are getting these movies again, it seemed like last year was a halt on a lot of releases. With theaters slowly starting to open back up, this is one I would get out and pay to see. For Post Malone, well it looks like we find out his fate in the trailer so maybe don't expect a lot of screen time from him? Who knows but it's always good to see him on the big screen, dude has some talent. If you haven't seen Spenser Confidential on Netflix, check it out because him and Mark Wahlberg fight it out in jail.