Video Caught A Man Trying To Kidnap Young Girl While Mom is Distracted

Please watch your kids at all times in public. Hold their hands, don’t let them wander off, be by their sides at all times. 

This is so scary.

A chilling moment was caught on video when a man tried to snatch a two-year-old girl away from her mother as she was talking to another parent!

This happened in Berlin, Germany and a witness filmed it all.

The disturbing incident - which was filmed by a witness - took place in Boxhagener Platz in Berlin, Germany.

The 44-year-old man took the child on his shoulders! Another woman spotted him taking off with the child, followed him, and called for help. That’s when a local shop owner caught up with the creepy man and asked why he’s taking her.

Apparently, “conditions for issuing an arrest warrant were not met” and released him.

Watch the VIDEO HERE.