DaniLeigh Fuels More Rumors That She's Dating DaBaby! See Her Bed Pic Here!

The 2017 Def Jam Holiday Party

The 2017 Def Jam Holiday Party

For awhile now there have been rumors that DaniLeigh and DaBaby have been dating or hooking up!

They've never confirmed it, but DaniLeigh one time got into it with DaBaby's Baby Mama, speculating that DaBaby's BM was upset that DaBaby had moved on!

THEN later they were both spotted at the same hotel (The London) they didn't take photos together, but they both updated their IG stories showing they were at the same hotel at the same time.

But once again, the two never addressed anything.

THENNNNNN they were finally spotted together out one night

Ok, so looks like they're close, but this could also be a friend thing!

Well the other day DaniLeigh posted a photo on her IG story, and she's in bed and there's an extra arm in the picture!

Normally we'd be able to figure out who the guy is because of the tattoos but since the photo is a bit blurry, its a little hard to figure out!

But c'monnnnnn we all know it's DaBaby!

The going out pics and this one were too close in the timeline! Or maybe I'm just hoping they found some love! I love them both so why wouldn't I want them to be a happy little couple?!

What do you guys think? Are DaniLeigh and DaBaby a couple?