Tinashe Makes Potato Skins Through Instagram LIVE on Cookin' It With Ayydé


The coronavirus pandemic has led to people all over the world being forced to quarantine at home in hope to stop the virus from spreading. As we continue to pray for everyone being affected through this tragic time we're all trying to remain positive and share love and light whenever we can. Our lives are changing day by day and now more than ever trying to stay connected while keeping our distance. Thanks to the help of the internet and apps like Instagram, we are able to be in one place.

On this special edition of Cookin' It With Ayydé we are joined on Instagram Live by Tinashe, a talented songwriter, dancer, record producer, actress, and absolute sweetheart. Tinashe welcomed us into her kitchen and shows us how easy it is to make Potato Skins + talks about how she's dealing with life during these circumstances, what she's looking forward to and gives advice to a young Tinashe which we can all put into use.

The first part of the video was lost. To make the Potato Skins we used:

* 2 Potatos cut them in half (Cut out the inside first leave as much skin as desired. Tinashe took it out after they were baked, I did it before. All up to you)

* Sprinkle with a little Olive oil or butter (I did both)

* Salt & Pepper (as much or little as you want)

* Throw in oven at 420°F for about 35 min until golden brown

*Top it off with toppings of your choice. Tinashe used cheese and bacon, I used pesto and mozzarella cheese.



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