Is "Gang Activity" a Real Reason to Seize Nipsey Hussle's Clothing Store?

The investigation into the murder of Nipsey Hussle is ongoing, and because of that, his Marathon clothing store could be seized by the city attorney's office for gang activity. According to The New York Times, the Los Angeles city attorney’s office was investigating Nipsey Hussle for gang activity at the strip mall he owned. There is no information as to why the probe started, but it is ongoing and Hussle’s business partners are a part of the investigation. During Hussle’s funeral, his brother Samiel Asghedom spoke about how they almost lost their business due to the city wanting to shut it down but was able to save it by purchasing the whole strip mall. Why do you think this information is just now surfacing?  

If the strip mall that housed Nispey's store is seized the other property owners could have their store seized as well since Nipsey and his partners bought the property from the previous landlords earlier this year. Also, according to the New York Times, the previous landlords had been pressured by the city to evict Nipsey and his associates but instead of doing that he sold them the property.

Things are starting to look really strange again. Nipsey was (is) loved and respected, the man that robbed him of his life acted alone not with no street gang. In fact, the crips and bloods came together in unity after Nipsey's passing in his honor. That hasn't been seen in LA for decades and if you know anything about gang culture, that is very rare. So the attorney's office can stop all that "gang activity" nonsense and leave the Marathon clothing store alone.

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