Kanye Building Low-Income Housing Inspired by Star Wars

In an interview slated for the August issue of Forbes, Kanye West has revealed that he's working on something out of this world, a matter of fact it's inspired by a galaxy far, far away. 

West says he plans to create low-income housing based off the replica of Luke Skywalker's Tatooine home from the original Star Wars movie. 

Yeezy is heading the construction and is even said to be writing notes on the walls for architects on things that he thinks need to change during the build. 

Forbes had the chance to check out the homes and described them as "oblong and dozens of feet tall." 

There's no word on when the homes will be finished, but the humanitarian force is strong in Mr. West to get this latest project finished soon.

How do you think these houses will affect Kanye's legacy? Do you like Kanye's idea? 

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