Khloé Kardashian Speaks Her Truth on Being Tristan Thompsons Side Piece


Khloé Kardashian is no stranger to drama and headlines. With Tristan Thompson, alone, she's had more chaos surrounding their relationship than one episode of any top soap opera.

Their short coupling came to an end in February, after Tristan got caught cheating again, this time kissing Khloé's sister Kylie Jenner's best friend Jordyn Woods. Many had no sympathy for Khloé from the alleged rumors that Tristan had cheated on his pregnant ex Jrodan Craig while she was expecting their son Prince Thompson to get with Khloé.

Jordan Craig is doubling down being cheated and left pregnant by Tristan. Khloé Kardashian took to her instagram to speak her truth saying that Tristan told her that his ex was pregnant but they were not together. He then had her speak to his inner circle, showed her physical proof (correspondence between the two) and had her on calls with his lawyers to prove his single status claims. His best friends and even his mother backed him up, told Khloé that in fact, Tristan and Jordan were done.

Khloé claims she believed everyone and trusted their words and that's the truth she believed at the time but now she doesn't know what to believe, but she's utterly sorry, from the deepest parts of her soul for any pain that has been created either way. As she can firmly attest, no woman deserves to go through anything like this.

Meanwhile Tristan Thompson remains unbothered having the time of his life in Miami.

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