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Big Boy's Neighborhood

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Cardi B Reveals How She's Related To One Of Her Past Collaborators

Cardi B explains how she's related to her "Tomorrow" collaborator GloRilla on the same day she dropped her latest hit record.

On Friday, March 15, Bardi sat down with Real 92.3's Big Boy's Neighborhood to talk about a handful of hot topics. Straight out the gate, Cardi reveals that she's biologically tied to the Memphis rapper. She revealed her and Big Glo are related through their grandparents.

"My grandfather he used to like — I don't like to put my family business like — but he used to push weight and everything and there was this one time that like he used to live in Tennessee and whatever," Cardi explained.

"So he ain't really told my grandma that he was dealing with somebody over there and then like he had a kid out there and that's GloRilla's dad," she continued. "So that's why me and cuz are related."

GloRilla had told Big Boy about her familial connection to Cardi B back in December 2022. During their interview, Glo said they were related but Big Boy was skeptical at first. Their discussion happened after she released her debut EP Anyways, Life's Great... and received her first Grammy nomination.

Elsewhere in Big Boy's chat with the Bronx rapper, Cardi B discusses her new song "Enough (Miami)," reveals some unknown facts about her "Like What (Freestyle)" and opens up about how she feels about touring. She also reveals how the critics make her feel especially when it comes to releasing new music. Watch the entire interview and catch a few highlights below.

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