Louie G Says This Review Helped Pick Between Iphone & Android Do You Agree?

Alright, so I been debating about grabbing a new phone and I want the phone with the best video quality. I currently have a Samsung Note 20Ultra and I love it. It has Portrait Mode Video which is the same as Cinematic Video that the Iphone 13 now has but after watching this and reading a little more I think I'm going to switch over to the GalaxyS21 Ultra because the camera is better and the portrait mode has those extra special effects. I saw one comment that said all you have to do is touch the screen to make whatever you want focused on the Ultra so there is a way. Man, not gonna lie I really thought I was going to cave in an go back to iPhone but nope. You can't knock the quality in pictures at night on the Ultra compared to the Iphone 13, that is the one thing I always get asked to do and that is take pictures with my phone whenever we are somewhere at night.

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