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"COVID-Proof" City Being Built For Future Pandemics

Aerial View Of Citizen Service Center Of Xiong'an

China is working on a self-sufficient "smart city" where residents can isolate in style during future pandemics.

This "COVID-proof" city would be located near Beijing.

Last month an architect won a contest to design a community in Xiong'an. This community will serve as "a new standard in the post-COVID era," says Chinese President Xi.

The new city will feature wooden apartment blocks, rooftop farms, and renewable energy. They also have drone-friendly terraces and space to work remotely from in case working from home is the future or for any future outbreak.

Each apartment includes a large balcony with outdoor access, and there's enough space throughout the city to social distance.

What about driving?!

While cars will be allowed in certain areas, many streets will be for pedestrians and cyclists only.

Residents can live in style during lockdowns.

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