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What Is Going On w/ This Secret Beyonce Account!?

So earlier this week a new Instagram account popped up and fans of Beyonce started speculating that she was getting ready to drop new music with her bestie Kelly Rowland! At the time of the first post the account was only following Beyonce, Kelly & Tidal. BUT then the next day the account started following Nicki Minaj and a second post went up! 

NOW a third post is up! Check it out below!

What is going on?!!?! I have no idea! At first I thought it was something leading up to the Tidal concert on October 23rd! HOWEVER now that the account is following Netflix, I'm confused! Because why would Tidal want to be involved with Netflix when they're both streaming services, it's not like Tidal would let Netflix stream the event. 

Hmmmmm - Maybe Netflix is buying Tidal?! Maybe it's a new movie coming out and the ladies are doing the soundtrack for the movie. Movie streams on Netflix and the soundtrack will be on Tidal? 

I have to do some more thinking, but if you know what's going on, hit me up on Twitter @Natalia11

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