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You Won't Believe When Kim Heard "Wouldn't Leave"

By now you've heard Kanye West's new album "Ye" - on the album there is a track called "Wouldn't Leave" and that song is about his relationship with his wife Kim. Check out some of the lyrics below!!

They say, "Build your own"—I said, "How, Sway?"

I said, "Slavery a choice"—they said, "How, 'Ye?"

Just imagine if they caught me on a wild day

Now I'm on fifty blogs gettin' fifty calls

My wife callin', screamin', say we 'bout to lose it all

Had to calm her down 'cause she couldn't breathe

Told her she could leave me now, but she wouldn't leave

Well recently Kim talked about when she first heard the song. She was at the CFDA Awards and told Entertainment Tonight that she didn't hear the track until the very last minute.

“Did I cry about it? Did I fight about it? Yeah. That’s not stuff we put on social media. But, yeah, we have those moments. That’s the one song he really didn’t play for me until the last minute, so I heard that last minute,” She continued and said “It meant a lot to me,” she said of Ye’s track. “I really like that song. We have really different views sometimes, but that’s my husband, you know?”

Kim also talked about the whole process of making the album

“I was in the room for making all of the songs and hearing things and it’s a really fascinating process, especially since he scrapped his whole album and redid it in the last two weeks and just came up with all new songs,” - “I left to go home for, like, two days and then I come back and it was a whole new album. It’s fascinating to see the process.”

“I’m so happy that it’s been well-received because I’ve seen him go through a lot and he’s just the most genuine person. He might say things that might get misinterpreted and people don’t see the context behind it, but I always know his heart, so I’m glad that it was really well-received.”

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