Wait...What is Going On With Johnny Depp?!

I can't lie, Johnny Depp use to be one of my Baes! Sometimes you just like an bad guym or someone that looks like a bad guy...but then he took it too far! And now Johnny is looking VERY different! Ok granted he's 55 years old, but I almost didn't recognize him!


After fans saw this photo of Johnny a lot of them became concerned! Is he ok? Is he sick? - Turns out, he is OK!! So turns out Johnny is on tour right now with his band! 


Fans said that he looks healthy and he's very happy! BUT there is one fan theory going around is that Johnny lost a ton of weight for a movie roll! He just finished filming a movie called "Richard says Goodbye" which is about a "A college professor lives his life with reckless abandon after being diagnosed with a terminal illness." So maybe that's why he's looking like that! 

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