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Big Boy's Neighborhood

Big Boy is a veteran of Los Angeles radio and morning show host at REAL 92.3 KRRL FMFull Bio


Is Chris Brown Trying To Slide Into RiRi's DM?

So as you might have heard Rihanna was dating Billionaire Hassan Jameel for awhile but apparently she got tired of him and broke it off! According to a source Rihanna just gets tired of men and breaks hearts! Well ya, if you're Rihanna you can do that sort of thing! 

But that's not the big story, the big story is that Chris Brown has Re-Followed Rihanna!!!!!!

She's in a relationship and he hits "unfollow" - then hears that she's single and "Hits Follow!" HaHa! But you know what, I get it, sometimes you just don't want to see your ex while they're in a relationship, but if they're single you can kind of be friends again! Or maybe Chris wants more!

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