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Big Boy's Neighborhood

Big Boy's Neighborhood

Big Boy is a veteran of Los Angeles radio and morning show host at REAL 92.3 KRRL FMBiografía completa


Why is Chris Brown Firing Back?!

Chris Brown's Daughter recently celebrated a birthday and her party was LIT!!! It was a Disney themed and apparently cost $30,000! But the bigger news was the fact that apparently Chris missed the party!

Chris had responded to some people who tried to call him out for missing the party! But Chris set it straight

“Don’t play ya self,” he wrote. “How about we talk about something positive just once. This ignorance has no merit and my daughter is amazing." He went on to say

“Where I was??? Oh that’s right. Working and paying for it to happen,” he said.

“I’m not a dad to gain y’all miserable ass people’s vote/approval/ or play into the evil schemes.

“Y’all better see if y’all pops are even around and go find ya baby daddies. Ignorant ass people.”

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