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Is Kendall Jenner the cause of a Break Up??

Apparently Kendall Jenner is at the center of a lot of drama right now! Here's what happened, rumors popped up saying that NBA player Ben Simmons cheated on his girlfriend Tinashe with Kendall Jenner! Even Tinashe's brother was mad at the situation and called out Ben!

But when the news popped up that Kendall and Ben were dating people kept asking...wait but he's with Tinashe...I mean look at the photo below! 

These are all still up on her IG account, which is so weird!! If it were me and we broke up or if he cheated on me, I would hit delete on these photos so fast!

Now granted in a few hours all these photos could be gone but at the moment they're still up! I really hope that Ben didn't cheat and that maybe him and Tinashe just broke up and now he's moved on! Cheating SUCKS!!! 

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