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Why Are People Mad at Kim Kardashian This Time?

So as you know Kim Kardashian endorses the Flat Tummy Co. and recently she posted a photo with appetite suppressant lollipops. However people were NOT ok with it! These were some of the things people were saying...

"If you're hungry then eat. This is disgusting. Your fans are going to be seeing this and thinking that this is how to get your body. Eating is good for you, stop convincing people to literally stave themselves for food to get a flat tummy"

"You are an absolute disgrace"

"This is a shameful and disgusting thing to promote what the hell is wrong with you."

"I'm a big kardashian fan but the fact that you're promoting lolly pops that make you not want to eat is disgusting...most of your fan base are teenagers/young adults that look up to you and you're basically telling them it's ok to not want to eat"

I think the responses actually promoted Kim to take down the photo!

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