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Is Alex Rodriguez Proposing To Jennifer Lopez!

As you know Jennifer and Alex have been together for over a year now and seem to be going strong. What I love about their relationship is that it really seems like they support each other's careers. Jennifer of course has her music, TV show and a new movie coming out and Alex has been working with ESPN as a baseball analyst. Check out JLo a recent game during a rain delay!

I love her - and most recently Jennifer dropped her song "El Anillo" - which means "The Ring"

After the song was dropped a lot of people were wondering if the song was meant for Alex. Check out what she told Jimmy Fallon during a recent interview. 

Ok so maybe she isn't coming right out and saying it, but I think she's thinking about it or at least dropping little hints. So how does Alex feel about it?! Well the night after Jennifer was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Alex Rodriguez was a guest on the show and Jimmy asked him about the song. 

Honestly, they've both been married before and even though I'd love to see Jennifer in another Wedding dress, I do think they're are just fine, they don't need to be jumping into anything just yet. I do want them to stay together because I think they're a REALLY great match! It just fits!!

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