Is Childish Gambino Really Going To Quit Music?!

So if you're a Childish Gambino fan you know that he's talked about his future in music, apparently his next album will be his last! Now a lot of us were hoping that maybe he'll just do one more record as Childish Gambino, and maybe he'll do an album as Donald Glover or under another name! We just hate to think that he'll never give us more music! Well sadly, Young Thug did confirm that Childish's next album will be his last!

But Childish also confirms some other news regarding that album...check it out below!


Yup, apparently Young Thug will be on Childish's last album! And apparently "This is America" is NOT a single off the upcoming album! So I guess Childish was just trying to get our attention...and he has it!

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