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Is The Weeknd Dropping Another Album Soon?

So before The Weeknd dropped his album "My Dear Melancholy" there were a few hints on social media that something was coming and now we feel like he's leaving us some clues that something else is coming! The other day Abel changed his Instagram bio to say "We're Not Alone." - Some fans think that this is going to be a part 2 to his album...get this when you put it all together it sounds good! "My Dear Melancholy, we're not alone!" 

So when could this album be coming?! May 29th?! Why? Check this out

He teased "My Dear Melancholy" on February 22nd - then dropped the album March 29th. THEN he changed his bio on April 22nd - soooooo if he's going to drop "We're Not Alone" he would drop it May 29th! 

Some don't think the album will come that soon, they actually think it will be dropped sometime in July and that's because he's headlining a few festivals during Summer. HOWEVER there is one more theory...

Yes!!! Some actually think that he's dropping a Trilogy! So the "We're Not Alone" will drop in May and then the third will come later in July and it will be called "Abel" - SOOOO the whole thing will be called "My Dear Melancholy, We're Not Alone, Abel" - I LOVE IT!!!! I hope all this comes true!

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