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Did This Family Take Their Gender Reveal Too Far?

We all know that Gender Reveal parties are the THING to do. I'm actually planning one right now...oh wait, not for me, for someone else!! But trust me THIS will not be happening at the party I'm planning! So this is Mike Kliebert, a.k.a. T. Mike, The Gator King. Well he thought it would be a good idea to bring in a gator, then have it crush a watermelon filled with colored jello in it to reveal what the baby's gender was going to be. 

As the gator crushes the watermelon we find out that it's going to be a boy and everyone gets so excited...including the gator because at one point it looks like the gator is going to take a snap at a nearby kid! Thankfully The Gator King springs into action and handles the gator! I'm so happy this didn't end badly! 

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