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A Guy Who Has @ChicagoWest Offers Kim K. a Deal

We all know how obsessed Kim Kardashian is with social media and we've all enjoyed a twitter rant from Kanye West so clearly social media is a big part of their lives. So it's no surprise that the couple would want to retain the social media handles for their kids. Not really to use it right now but also just so that no one else uses it. Well turns out someone already has the twitter handle @ChicagoWest. His name is Jon Wyatt and the reason he has that Twitter name is because someone else already had his name so he came up with Chicago West because at one point he lived near Chicago and then moved West. However he hasn't been active on the site since 2014...until someone told him about Kim and Kanye's new daughter! Then he sent out this tweet!

So is Jon going to try and sell the name to Kim & Kanye?! Actually he said that it doesn't feel right to sell them the name, if they want it, they will just give it to them for free. Awwwww!! 

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