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Are You Upset About This Video?

If you didn't watch the Golden Globes, I'm pretty sure you heard that the whole night was a big message to men who feel that it's ok to sexual harass women and assault them! Most of the women wore black that night to show their solidarity together. Of course those because it was an award show it didn't stop all the stars from having a good time afterwards and that's what "Modern Family" star Sarah Hyland did! She attended the InStyle Magazine after party and filmed this video! After she posted it up, she started to get a lot of hate because of what she did in the video! Check it out below!

So basically a LOT of people felt that the message at the Golden Globes was so strong and powerful for woman that making light of being drunk alone in an elevator with an older man wasn't the best situation to highlight. One user said

dvassalotti@manquiquiii I’m not alone in how I felt about the clip many other ppl felt the same way. Love Sarah and I know she is a funny person who likes to make a joke but I just felt like it was poor timing. I don’t think women should put themselves in situations where they could be taken advantage of.

But another user said

gwendolynsmcbrideThis made the news in Australia. What a sad world where we can't have a giggle at a fun video. What is wrong with people that enjoy being spiteful. Hiding behind a computer screen. Our world has enough hate. Let's lighten up. 

Personally I think it was bad timing but Sarah shouldn't be receiving so much hate for this! It was in poor taste but it wasn't THAT BAD! Let me know what you think online - @Natalia11

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