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How Did Eminem Reveal His New Album Title?

Eminem fans are patiently waiting for him to release his next album, there have been a lot of rumors for awhile now but finally we have something we can really hold on to! Just the other day Eminem's manager posted this photo below!  

Seems innocent enough right?! Not really - check out that ad on the building behind the album! There is no medication out on the market called "Revival." So what does it all mean?! This could be the title for Eminem's new album! Don't believe me just yet?! Well there's a website for the drug and Revival is spelled with a backwards E! Eminem is known for his second E being backwards. Also in the AD they talk about "Atrox Rithimus" (a non-existent condition). Also there is a commerical for the AD and the music underneath sounds A LOT like Dr. Dre's "I Need A Doctor." Very fitting. 

Also there is a huge thing on the main website page that says "Seize the Moment." Helllllo we all know where that comes from! Also in the ad closes off by saying "I will not throw away my shot." AHHHHH - the more and more we look into this the more and more we get excited! 

And if you still don't buy it - just know Eminem did something very similar for his "Relapse" album - he launched a website for a fake rehab center! 

I can't wait for the Eminem Album!!! Hit me up on twitter if you're excited as well! - @Natalia11

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