Full Racist Dove Ad - Does It Change Your Opinion?

Dove recently dropped an advertisement that raised some eyebrows. The way the clip was shared on social media made it look like the ad was racist. When I first saw it, there was a black woman depicted taking off a shirt that was her skin tone that was then swapped out for a seemingly more "clean" appearance portrayed by a fair white woman. It looked like Dove was implying the latter was cleaner and better.

But then, a longer version of the video hit social media. In this one, a tanner woman comes into the picture after the more fair-skinned one; this makes me think that the ad wasn't racist at all but the clip was manipulated to make it look so. When you watch the full video, you can see that they aren't really implying that fairer is better. Dove just had bad luck when it came to choosing the order of these women! 

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