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Why Are Tyrese & The Rock Beefing?!

As you know Tyrese and Dwayne are both apart of the "Fast and Furious" Franchise. However that doesn't mean it will stop Tyrese from speaking his mind. It looks as if Dwayne was approached to star in a spinoff movie based on his "Fast and Furious" character Hobbs! According to Tyrese and the comment he left on Dwayne's picture below, he had a heart to heart convo with Dwayne and told him to not do it! He also mentioned that Dwayne is avoiding him.

After that Tyrese went and posted his own photo! 

WOW!! Well of course after that Tyrese did back pedal a bit and explained that it's not that he doesn't want Dwayne to do the movie, but he just doesn't want him to do it just yet because it will delay the next "Fast and Furious" film. Tyrese also added that once Dwayne calls him back he'll take down this message. 

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