Want Tickets to see "Hamilton" the Musical?

Hamilton Is Officially here in LA! Tonight is the premiere night at the Pantages theater and I understand that tickets are very hard to get and can be expensive. But there's a way you can get cheap tickets. It's called the Hamilton Lottery" and it's super easy. You just enter in your name the day of a show and then some people will be pulled out and get a chance to buy two tickets for $10 each! All you have to is download the Hamilton App! YAY! 

Now for those who know nothing about Hamilton, let me take you down a fun road! During the success of Lin-Manuel Miranda's first musical "In the Heights" Lin-Manuel performed for Barack and Michelle Obama. It was titled "The Hamilton Mixtape." After that he started working on "Hamilton: the Musical" - check out that performance below! 

Here's a bit more about the show below!

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