The Game's Manager, Wack Is Outta His Mind All Over Tupac! *Explicit Language*

This is Wack known for being The Game's manager. If you're watching this wondering what in the world? I'm right there with you except I know Wack hasn't let go of his street ways and ain't afraid to act like this on any given day. As of last night he went out looking for Naughty By Nature's Treach. All over Tupac whom has been resting for over 20 years!!! Wack always has something negative to say about Tupac. Treach started defending Pac after Funkmaster Flex was talking bout Pac in his live Instagram feed. I don't know at what point Wack decided to add his bull sh*t to the mix, but Treach wasn't with it and was calling him out via Instagram for a fade. Here is Wack calling Treach mother names. This is a mess, at what point do you grow up? Treach did come to L.A. and been calling out Wack to fight him, I'm just saying, why does this all has to be put on over social media?! Leave mamas out of this!

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