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Did Drake & Tory Lanez Squash Their Beef?

When Drake said "All you boys in the new Toronto want to be me a little" in "Summer Sixteen" people automatically assumed that Drake was talking about Tory Lanez. Now at first Tory said he would never respond but after that he ended up talking about Drake a lot during some interviews! Then Tory went and remixed "Controlla." 

But it seems as if that beef is finally over and the two are cool! Just the other day Drake AND Tory posted photos of them together! 

Check out what Drake said as it!! When Tory posted the same photo he said "Toronto...I Told You." I really think Drake is trying to move pass all these beefs and feuds. At one point he said he was no longer going to perform "Back to Back" at his shows, which kind of sucks because that song is dope! But I would really like to see Drake and Tory do a song together!

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